31 March 2015

March Routine Wrap-Up

You can't see it, but I have two zits on the under side of my chin. I personally blame this on skipping the entire routine yesterday. Other than that, face is pretty much redness and skin flake free at the moment!

I've done a pretty good job at doing my entire routine daily for a whole month, I only missed maybe 4 days. This past week, I switched out Hydrophor and used Vaseline as my occlusive layer for my body up until I finally picked up a bottle of 100% mineral oil. I've only been using the mineral oil for 3 days now but there seems to have been a huge improvement already.

Left: Week 3 Forearm // Right: Week 4 Forearm

Left: Week 3 Thigh// Right: Week 4 Thigh

The difference is pretty dramatic. Also gotta give some props to my husband for berating me every time he catches me picking at my skin!

I was supposed to have a dermatology appointment yesterday but had to reschedule. Once I see a dermatologist, I will make a page/post for my full routine and the products and prescriptions I use.

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